It’s All About YOU

I’m Danielle, Head Recruiting Honcho / Chief CV Geek of Cambridge based Recruitment Agency, HotSeat Recruitment and my claim – no, my promise – to you is this:

I can help YOU to sky-rocket your appealability factor. Yes, it’s a word. 

And whilst, of course, it’s important that you get to know me and what I’m all about, I’d like to kick this off with an About YOU section. Because that’s who I’m writing this for – You.  

So, you’re looking for work. Don’t tell me – You spend most of your spare time trawling the Internet, working through the same old Job Boards, looking at the same old Vacancies and find yourself constantly googling for advice and self help articles to improve your job search results… 

How to write a CV 

How to write a Cover Letter

Interview tips 

What to wear for a Job Interview

Interview Examples

All this on top of actually searching for Vacancies to apply for? I mean, it’s a full time Job in itself, right?

Truth is, you do have to put a bit of effort into the whole Recruitment malarky, yet many of us aren’t quite sure where our efforts are best placed – or where to even begin. This is where I feel I can come in as your helping hand, your Fairy JobMother if you will.

Whether you’re looking to appeal to the Recruiters of the world, your next Boss, get that promotion… You cannot just sit around and wait to be found, because the likelihood is, you won’t. You just won’t.

You have to check back in with yourself, realise what makes you so wonderfully, exceptionally bloody brilliant (which you are) and then totally own it. Claim your uniqueness, it is YOURS. Once you’ve realised your own strengths, capabilities and potential then your job search becomes a whole new ball game. A pretty damn sassy one, if I might be so bold as to say so.

So, please do stick around and hopefully some of my ramblings will strike a chord with you. Feel free to throw me a challenge or to request any particular advice that you feel would help you on your journey. 

Whilst you’re waiting for said ramblings, why don’t you kick back with some free reading courtesy of my eBook – ‘How to Write a Killer CV & Land Yourself That Job’ as it’s bound to have some little gems in it that will be just right for you. No charge, it’s on me.

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I can’t wait to help you on your journey to get the results you deserve from your Job Search.

Danielle x