She’s a Killer (CV) Queen…

Yep, damn straight I keep my Moet et Chandon in a pretty cabinet.

Although, if truth be told you’re more likely to see a stash of Prosecco than Moet and the cabinet aint that pretty – but you get the drift. I’m literally just referring to the Queen song, which is now firmly planted in your brain for the foreseeable future and for this, you’re welcome.

So, hopefully you have read the About YOU section first so that you know I’ve not written a blog just to bang on about myself. I’ll assume that you have so with this in mind – Here’s a bit about me…

I’m Danielle, the Killer CV Queen. I’m a Recruitment Nerd and a self proclaimed CV Geek and I have no shame in this whatsoever. I have been in the Recruitment profession since December 2000 and I bloomingwell love it.

I began my career working as a Branch Administrator for a large Agency in the beautiful City of Cambridge. My role here was to support the Consultants and Managers with a Reception and Administration support service so basically I was the first point of contact for all candidates and got to swan around setting up evaluations on the PC and reading Hello magazine, whilst helping myself to the free toffees that we used to have in the Reception area. Eventually, I got busted out on this and was ordered by my Manager to do some real work, so I decided to get myself involved in helping with the monthly audits which gave me a fantastic insight into every step of the Recruitment process from registration to placement. I also dabbled in some Marketing projects, as well as helping to fill temporary assignments and coordinate interviews for the team. I literally worked with the best team of people you could hope to and they remain some of my closest friends to date. I had such a fantastic start to my career in Recruitment and I still strive to recreate this vibe and energy within my own business to this day. Precious memories of my Office Angels days.

Following my Angel days, I realised my Inner Geek was busting a move to be released and so I spent a year working for a Management Consultancy in Cambridge, within their Document Control Department, which meant I was working within a small team (again, with amazing people) to format ginormous Word and PowerPoint proposals, reports and other important documents. I didn’t have a CLUE about any of the content I was working with, but it is here that I learnt how to go through a document with a fine-tooth comb and that I realised a) I was a tad on the nerdy side by how much I enjoyed it and b) I had a pretty good eye for detail. This is where I credit my CV writing / refreshing skills to, as well as a strange love for the ‘show/hide formatting’ button. Yep, I said it.

With the Inner Geek now silenced, albeit temporarily, the pull of Recruitment was all too strong and saw me return to the industry in September 2003. This time, I joined a local Agency that had recently been taken over and who were looking for someone to head up the Temporary and Permanent Commercial Recruitment desks. At the time of me joining, the business was doing little more than the odd temporary assignment here and there and so the thought of taking this on and pulling it through to the next level was daunting – but it was a challenge that I couldn’t turn down. I spent some very happy years within this Agency, met some wonderful people and proved to myself that as well as being a toffee-eating freeloader, a massive geek and a great big chatterbox – I was actually pretty good at what I did. And pretty ballsy too, if I might say so myself. I took on the challenge I temporarily doubted my own capabilities in and I bloodywell did it. And I did it well. Good times, all in all – no regrets.

So. We’d got the Agency up and running, it now had a strong team of Recruiters and was going great guns. Then life threw me a curveball in the form of ANOTHER Recruitment Agency that had been taken over (a pattern was emerging…) and who were looking for someone to head up the Recruiting operations. These guys were in a totally different field to anything I’d ever known before; the world of Entertainment Technology. It sounded WAY too cool to pass up, I needed to get myself involved in some of that.

At this point, I feel I need to explain that the transition from my previous job to this one was not a pleasant experience unfortunately, which is something that still makes me sad to this day. However, I always advise my candidates to take something good from every situation and so I am – in some strange way – thankful for this experience as it has certainly helped me to empathise with many people on their jobseeking journeys ever since. Again, no regrets.

Anyway, I digress…

Joining this Company was 100% the right thing to do. It wasn’t the longest stint I’ve ever held within a Company but the lessons I learnt and the people I met there were both big factors in the person I am today.

Having realised that I now had all this experience of Recruiting staff in various industries across Cambridge, London and beyond and that I was actually a lot more capable than I’d ever given myself credit for, I bit the Entrepreneurial bullet and set up my own Recruitment Agency in February 2006. 

From a tiny corner of the spare bedroom in my little terraced house here in Cambridgeshire, I set it up from scratch with just my little puppy Mac for company.  I spent my days travelling out to meet Candidates across the region and my evenings filling vacancies and doing my admin. I absolutely grafted my ass off, there is no nicer way of saying it and there was no other way of doing it.

The pride that I have in my work and the love for the job I do has never faltered. There has been some crazy rough times over the past decade; a recession, a five year legal battle and a complete Company re-brand, yet never once has it occurred to me to jump back into a ‘normal job’ if there is such a thing. My faith and my belief in what I do is too strong for me to go against, just for the sake of an easy life. Nah. Not for me. I’m in this for the long haul. Sleepless nights, blood, sweat and tears – all for the love of the job.

So, now I operate from my lovely office here in Cambridgeshire, I don’t have to travel the whole of Cambridgeshire as I now have my little Office that I can welcome my candidates and clients over to, for a brew and a chat about the wonderful world of work. You’ll be pleased to know that I still have Mac for company who is snoring away next to me as I type. He’s ten years older now but he’s still the best Office Junior I’ve ever known, although I might have to refer to him as my Office Senior…

That’s it, that’s brought us right back to where I am Today. Sitting in my own Hot Seat at HotSeat Recruitment, the first of my 4 babies*.

Who’d have thought it? If you’ve got this far then wow and thank you. I hope you’ve not nodded off too many times throughout. It’s been a job for me to stay awake and it’s my flipping STORY. So no judging from me.

Thank you for reading. I really would love to help as many people through their jobseeking experiences as I can and so hopefully now you know a bit more about me you can trust that you’re in safe hands.

Unless you have toffees on you. That’s still an area I’m working on…

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I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Danielle (AKA The Killer CV Queen) x

* Oh yes, as well as my Office Senior Mac, there is now Office Junior #1 Charlie and Office Junior #2 George to help me along the way, just in case I was short of a drama or three.

It’s been a pretty busy decade, by all accounts…