Looking for Part Time Work – The Struggle!

As I’ve had a couple of new Part Time vacancies through this week, it’s got me thinking about all the things to think about when you’re looking for reduced hoursIt can sometimes feel as though you’re looking for a needle in a haystack. Don’t you think?

There’s always so much to consider when you’re looking for work in any case – Add reduced hours into the mix and all of a sudden it can feel extra complicated. It can feel that what you actually WANT to do can be pushed to the back and it’s replaced by what CAN you do?!

  • The location has to be right…
  • The money has to be good enough to warrant the travel cost…
  • Then you need to be sure it’s the right job for you…
  • THEN if you need to add Childcare on top of everything else?!

It’s not easy. You sometimes find that you’re putting your own wants and needs so far to the back of the list to make sure that everything ‘works’, that you lose sight of what you are going to be happy doing!

My advice here is to get back to basics – get super clear on the facts. Here’s a few things to think about to help you on your way:

  • Check back in with your skills and experience – remind yourself that just because you might not be looking for full time hours you ARE WORTHY of full time job satisfaction!
  • What would you be looking for, work-wise, if the hours you worked didn’t come into it? What would you actually be WANTING to do?
  • Get clear on your calculations. Work what you need to be looking at, salary-wise and then break this down further to factor in travel costs to different locations.
  • How flexible can you be? Again, bring the distance into it. If you found something closer to home, could you offer slightly more hours / accept slightly less £ per hour?
  • Seen a job you like the look of but it’s just slightly above the hours you’re looking for? If there isn’t that much in it, then approach the company / agency anyway! Don’t forget that they will be putting out their ‘wish-list’ for a person just as you are for a job. There’s sometimes more flexibility on offer than it seems at first glance.

Once you’ve taken a fresh look at things, see if there’s anything that can be amended on your CV / Cover Letters / Online Job Board profiles.

  • Are you putting a bit TOO much emphasis on the fact you’re a ‘Part Timer’?
  • Are your circumstances over-shadowing your skills and abilities?
  • Are you coming across as being almost apologetic when applying for jobs, just because you can’t commit to 37.5 hours per week?

In summary, I want you to remind yourself of what you have to offer your future employer. Working reduced hours does not mean you’re less of a valued employee by any stretch of the imagination.

If any of this rings true for you and you need a hand to get clear on what you’re looking for, drop me a line. Better still, if you’ve not already, head on over to my group on Facebook where I’m always on hand to go over anything you need me to. You can join up by clicking >> HERE <<.

Danielle x 

PS: The new part time vacancies are for offices in Suffolk and Cambridgeshire, there’s a mix of hours/days on offer. All office based, customer service, admin and telemarketing at the moment. Give me a shout if you’d like to hear more on these.

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