Recruitment – It’s a PR thing…

This is massively true, in my opinion…

Recruitment and PR go hand in hand – and not everyone thinks about it in this way!

When you’re looking to take on a new employee (especially for the first time), it says to the world that your business is growing; advertising the fact that you’re in a position to offer someone paid employment?

That’s pretty big, right?

It’s pretty damn big. So remember to treat it as such.

Remember that every step you take when you’re recruiting needs to be thought of from a PR angle.

The way you write your job description, the way you advertise… Is this a positive reflection of your business?

The way you treat the applicants that come through… How do you make them feel?

When you interview someone… How do you make sure that when they walk out of your doors and make that call to whoever is waiting to hear how their interview went, that they talk about you in the most positive way?

Remember – People talk.

Your reputation, whether as a business owner, or as the person responsible for the recruitment of your employer’s business, is so precious.

And once that reputation is tarnished, it’s difficult to recover.

How do YOU factor in PR to your recruitment efforts?

I’d love to hear from you on this.

Danielle 🔥

PS: My new Group on Facebook has just started up as of today. If you’re looking to grow your business and could use some support with your recruitment efforts, then head on over >> HERE << to join me. 

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