Recruiting for your Office stressing you out? This is a job you should pass on, for sure.

Finding the right staff for your business is a really big, really important task, there is no denying this. Handled badly, it can be a pretty catastrophic experience.

There is so much to do and so much to think about…

Job titles, job descriptions, person specifications, adverts, CVs, shortlisting for interview, actually interviewing, making decisions, rejecting applicants, getting rejected by applicants, salary bidding wars… All of this on top your usual day job? Really?

Another thing to think about is Bad Recruitment = Bad PR.

People talk. Word can (and does) get out and you do NOT want to be known as the Company that no one wants to touch with a barge pole because they’ve heard some horror stories of how someone has been treated or because of high turnover issues…

Imagine, though, if things could be different.

Imagine if you had one person, just ONE PERSON that handled all of your Recruitment needs, whenever you needed them.

Imagine if, when you needed to recruit for your office, you didn’t have to worry about:

  • Writing new job descriptions or bringing old ones up to date
  • Writing a person specification that describes who you’re trying to attract
  • Meeting after meeting to clarify what you’re actually recruiting for
  • Creating adverts for online job boards/newspapers
  • Negotiating rates and budgeting for online job boards/newspapers
  • Screening 100’s of CVs
  • Shortlisting from CVs, whittling down from 100 to 5 for interview
  • Arranging Interviews by telephone/email
  • Responding to all candidates, whether shortlisted or not
  • Coordinating your availability with theirs to ensure minimum disruption
  • Sending out interview confirmations, directions, company information to interviewees
  • Preparing interview questions that are going to keep you on the right side of the employment law
  • Arranging 2nd interviews
  • The procedure for making an offer of employment
  • Dealing with counter offers received from current employers to your new employee
  • Responding to all unsuccessful interviewees, providing feedback wherever possible
  • Taking up references
  • Keeping communication flowing whilst new employee works their notice period
  • Devising an induction period to welcome and settle in your new recruit
  • Ensuring a drama-free probationary period for all parties

How amazing would it be if you could pass all of this on to one person that would handle ALL of the above for you; working alongside you to ensure you got your vacancy filled with minimum disruption and maximum success?

Imagine if you could just concentrate on getting on with your own business, your own work; and that you didn’t need to worry about a single thing because you had someone there to do it all for you, being an ambassador FOR your company to ensure that you, your company and your vacancy is being talked about for all the right reasons?

Think of it not only as a full, in house Recruitment service but an additional brand awareness exercise as well! Recruitment AND Marketing in one? I think they call that a win-win situation.

You could literally hand the job over to one person who would manage the full recruitment cycle for you:

  • Accurate, realistic job descriptions created in line with your requirements
  • Eye-catching adverts designed to attract your ideal candidates
  • Only ever receiving CVs of candidates that are suitable for your vacancy
  • Only ever interviewing candidates that are bringing the right skillset, personality and attitude to your company
  • Having an interview schedule fully coordinated on your behalf
  • Interviewees prepped and fully briefed on what it is you need
  • Celebrating with you when your new recruit accepts your offer of employment!

This is exactly what you get when you come to HotSeat Recruitment for your new recruits.

Your own dedicated Account Manager that will visit you in your offices to get the best understanding of what it is you need.

To perhaps suggest options that you’d not thought about – that could save you time and money.

The fear, stress and strain that you’ve come to associate Recruitment with will be replaced with trust, relief and complete confidence in the fact that you can now go back to doing what it is that you do best, safe in the knowledge that you will have that vacancy Hot Seat filled before you know it.

And not just filled for the sake of being filled – anyone can do that.

It will be filled with someone that is tune with the personality, values and goals of your business.

Welcome back to the ‘good old days’ of Recruitment, where people are treated with respect, treated as individuals and the personal touch means everything. The biggest compliment we could hear at HotSeat Recruitment is that we are ‘old fashioned’.

Too right. No robots here.

No hidden agendas, no percentage based fees and no cloak and dagger shenanigans.

Find out more about what HotSeat Recruitment can do for you and your business today and ditch the drama!









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