How to ACE your next Job Interview: 3 Tips that you might not have thought about before…

YES! You’ve been selected for an INTERVIEW!

*punches air/claps hands like sea-lion/high-fives anyone in close proximity*

This is amazing news. You SO deserve this interview; you spent precious time and energy crafting just the right application for the job, you know that it’s a role you are more than capable of doing.

And I don’t want to take the high out of your five or anything – believe me, I don’t. But let’s just gather our thoughts and remember that we are not at the finish line just yet.

I’ve put together 3 points that will help you to make sure that your next interview is as on point as it can possibly be.

1. Preparation: Make sure you’re researching the RIGHT stuff.

It’s not just about polishing your shoes and scouring over the company website for hours, you know… Preparing for an interview is something that many people will overlook. Or, should I say, they will overlook the importance of it.

The wonderful world wide web is full to the brim of interview tips and techniques about how to best come across in the meeting itself, what to wear, what buzz words to use, how to sit in order to look interested… (I mean, WHAT?! If you’re not interested in the job you’re being interviewed for then no seating position is going to disguise that, but there you go.)

So, you’ve done your research already, have you? You know when the company was set up, you’ve found the MD’s Wife on Linked In and you can recite the company’s mission statement in 3 different languages. Go you – you cheeky, stalkery scamp! Or not.

Rather than spending your time and energy on ‘cramming’ a load of facts and figures that are not relevant to the job in question, be sure that you keep to the facts in front of you when doing your research.

What type of role is it you’re going for? 

Is it an Operational / Management position? In this case, you will be focusing your preparation efforts into the company background and the direction the organisation is looking to take in the future. For roles like this, your preparation needs to be revolving around the company values, past achievements and future plans – and where your own (values, achievements and plans) sit in alignment with theirs.

Perhaps you’re being considered for an Office Support role? Focus here needs to be on the day to day duties that you would be involved in carrying out. Really get ‘behind’ their needs, what are they struggling with right now that you can swoop in and take away from them? Think of the open vacancy that you are being interviewed for as a problem they have. Then brainstorm ways in which your experience, skills and knowledge can help to solve this problem. How can you lighten the load for them? Support = help. How can you help? Think of your administrative capabilities as a Service you provide. Demonstrate what you have to offer. Hiring you could mean they’ve solved their problem and created more time for them to concentrate on their own work/business.

2. Know your own CV.

Sounds obvious.

I mean, it’s your CV, right?!

However, if I got a quid for the amount of times I’ve interviewed someone that, when I’ve asked them a question on their background, they’ve had to spin the CV away from me to scan over it in order to actually remind themselves of what they’ve done/when they’ve done it… then I’d have, like, loads of quids. #maths

Things like this can make an interview take a huge nosedive; confusion leads to anxiety and awkwardness and this is NOT the energy we want to be giving off at this important time. You’ll lose track, lose momentum and quite possibly will lose the job before you get it.

Your CV has led you to this point, it’s landed you the Interview and so for that reason alone, it’s pretty much done its job.

BUT PLEASE REMEMBER: It will still be used as a ‘prop’ by the interviewer, so you really do need to know it inside out. The interviewer might need to refer back to your CV in an interview, but you shouldn’t have to.

If it’s been a while since you’ve looked at it, take the opportunity to refresh yourself with it, check back in with YOU and your own experience. If you then decide that it could do with a bit of a spruce or you see room for improvement in areas that would further back up your application / interview, then do it.

You don’t necessarily have to supply them with the new version prior to the interview; just going through the process of updating, re-assessing and aligning yourself with the role in question will be a really positive thing to do as part of your preparation. As you match yourself to the role and see yourself ticking off all the requirements, one by one, you’ll start to imagine yourself actually there, in the job, smashing it… (And we all know what a bit of positive visualisation does for us when going after our goals.)

3. Enjoy it. Yep, you read it right. ENJOY IT! 

Now, there are a zillion other things I could go into to get you all pumped up and ready for your interview.

The obvious ones being:

  • Make sure you’re looking good (brush your teeth and don’t wear jeans, yada yada yada)
  • Don’t be late
  • Remember your interviewers name

These all go without saying (or they should).

I always tell the candidates that work with me to ENJOY their interviews.

Honestly, try not to over-complicate this.

You’ve been selected for this interview based on the experience or the transferrable skills that you already have.You’re already halfway there!

Give your Recruitment Consultant a call before you go in to the interview for a pre-interview pep talk and to get you all fired up.

Don’t have a Recruitment Consultant? Call me! I’ll be your stand-in. I got your back!

Just remember that it’s a two-way street and this interview is as much for your benefit as it is for theirs. Be sure that this job is exactly what YOU’RE looking for, be true to you.


Danielle ❤

PS: I always LOVE hearing your interview stories; whether they are positive, negative or downright cringey. Come and join me in my Facebook Group ‘The Killer CV Hangout‘, tell me your stories, ask me anything, get involved in our natterings. See you there.


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