A message to anyone suffering from Anxiety…

This morning’s registrations have brought some incredible talent through to HotSeat Recruitment; however one candidate has stood out to me and has inspired me so much more than they realise.

This candidate has been struggling with severe anxiety for as long as they can remember; feeling unsure of which way to turn, not really getting the support they need or the help in finding which direction to take. I know it wasn’t an easy thing to do, to come into an Agency and talk about their situation. But they did it and I feel so grateful to have been able to spend some time in their company.

Anxiety in jobseekers is something I come across on a daily basis, on a variety of levels. It disrupts people’s day to day life and for some, can literally hold them back from even having a life.

I just wanted to post a message to anyone out there that is currently suffering with anxiety in any form; just to say one thing:

Please be kind to yourself!

I know you want to push your own boundaries and to force yourself outside of your comfort zone, but the old saying is true and you really shouldn’t run before you can walk.

  • Take every day as it comes.
  • Do something every day that makes you happy and proud of yourself.
  • Celebrate even the smallest of successes.
  • Go easy on yourself when you’re facing a tough day.
  • Try to remember to not base your future on your past as things really can change and there are better days ahead.
  • Share your fears, talk things over wherever you can. Sometimes, the more reality you give your anxieties, the easier (or more manageable) it becomes to crush them.

Don’t struggle alone and go easy on yourself.


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