The Jobseekers Groundhog Day: How to break the vicious circle of nothingness.


If this is ringing true to you, then something has to change – and fast. You’ve probably already lost most of your will to live; you need to work out what changes can be made and make them pronto.

Take a look at the action you’ve been taking so far with your job applications, stop what you’re doing and have a bit of a review

Are you going for jobs that you’ve got previous experience in? If so, are you highlighting this experience in the best way?

Are you going for a job that you’ve not done before, but you believe you have the transferrable skills to perform the role well? If so – are you highlighting this additional / alternative skill set in a way that is going to convince the recruiter to meet you to find out more?

The thing is, sometimes we just spend our time on the initial phase of changing / re-working / re-formatting our CV and then assume that this version is going to work for every job we go for, occasionally tweaking the cover letter or email content to suit the vacancy in hand.

Guess what? It won’t.

I never suggest that anyone has more than one CV, i.e a Marketing CV, a Sales CV, an Admin CV etc. etc. etc… However, I DO feel it’s essential that you tailor EVERY application you make to reflect the needs of the vacant position and to mirror the personality and style of the company you’re approaching.

You may feel that you are the perfect candidate for the position, mentally ticking all the boxes as you read the job advert. But just remember, they do not know you. They do not know the experience you have and the skills you bring UNLESS YOU TELL THEM. Don’t just think about how you’re going to sell yourself in the interview, because if you’re not getting the initial application right then I’m afraid to say that there won’t be an interview!

Really get to grips with what they are asking for. Deliver your experience and skill set back to them, as if you’re solving their problem. Don’t leave any stone of your relevant / transferrable experience unturned, as that little, irrelevant detail you decide not to bother with could in fact be the little gem that shifts your application onto the YES pile, away from the dreaded MAYBE or even worse, the fatal NO pile.

This technique is undoubtedly going to take you longer and requires more thought and attention, as opposed to the ‘apply for everything’ approach. But it’s guaranteed to bring in much better results. And I know what I’d prefer.

If anyone reading this needs me to explain this further or would like me to go through an application with them step by step then just get in touch and we can book in some time together to do this. I promise you this way is worth it in the long run.


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