What’s in a name?

Going by the image used for this particular post – everything. But when it comes to recruiting for your Business, how much time do you spend on thinking about the Job Title of the vacancy in question?

If you’re looking to replace someone, then maybe you would refer back to the last job description and whip that out there again, job title in tact and hope for the best. You’d be forgiven for doing so, it’s the quickest and most obvious route to take.

But, just imagine (even if this isn’t the case) that this is a brand new role you’re hiring for.

Just as I tell my Candidates day in day out to write a NEW CV for every episode of job-seeking, I urge you to take a fresh look at every job vacancy at the time it arises and treat it as if it were a brand new opening within your business.

The current post-holder that you recruited 5 years ago could well have developed this position into something entirely different to the role they were hired to do at the time… IS IT still an Admin Assistant you’re looking for?

Perhaps it IS a brand new opportunity. And if so, then you have no alternative but to start from scratch! In this case, you will have brainstormed through everything you’d expect the new recruit to take on, the experience you’d like them to have and you’d probably have given some thought to what the role could evolve into.

Rather than starting with the Job Title, I advise my  Clients to end with it.

Only once you have pulled together all the details on what this person is going to be recruited to do, should you give the position a name.

Once you’re at the stage of naming your vacancy, the focus should be on how you are going to attract THE RIGHT candidates to your opportunity. Remember that Job-seekers can be just as selective with the job adverts they choose to look at and apply for, as you can when you’re reading through CV’s.

Don’t be too quick to jazz the title up in order to get interest – keep focused on the requirements of the vacancy and what you really need someone in place to do for you, going forward.

I used to recruit for a company that hired ‘Regulatory Document Coordinators’. Know what the RDC’s did? FILING.

It was almost as if they were being duped into the role of Filing Clerk, like if they kept the job title to something fancy, that they wouldn’t actually realise what they’d been hired to do!

In summary:

  • Just stick to the facts – What do you actually NEED someone to do for you?
  • Research other vacancies that are currently being advertised with similar requirements to yours and check out their titles etc.
  • Involve your Team, see what they think
  • Involve the current post-holder, if there is one
  • Keep evaluating the progress. If you’re not getting the right applicants through, take another look at it

You might not think that this part of the Recruitment process is a big deal, but it really is.

Anyway, I’m off now. I’ve got an instruction to recruit for several Engineers. Who aren’t actually required to be Engineers and who don’t need to have been in any way, shape or form involved in any type of Engineering related dealings at all.

I’ve a sneaky suspicion that I’ll have convinced the client to give them a different Title by the end of the day. Wish me luck with that…

Do you need advice on the best way to attract candidates to your vacancy? Drop me a line and I will see what I can do for you.


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