The ‘wind down’ for Christmas…

Is not something I am experiencing here at HotSeat Recruitment.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to be busy and it is of course wonderful that everything is firing on all cylinders here in my little world of Recruitment.

But surely we used to ‘wind down’ for Christmas once upon a time, did we not?

I have been in the Recruitment world for long enough to have memories dating back to 15 years ago (alright, alright, yes I’m weathered…) when things used to gradually slow down, companies would put their hiring needs to one side ready to pick them up for the new year when things would then return to their usual state of complete and utter mayhem.

Now it seems that it’s business as usual and the hiring needs of the companies I am working with seem to have taken on almost a ‘retail based’ outlook on their staffing plans. Especially with Christmas Day falling on the weekend, it looks as though it’s going to be business as usual come Monday!

I have even had one client suggest their new starter begins training – on Boxing Day. Turns out he was joking but as I pointed out to him, at this stage of game I tend to have lost the plot on life/reality/humour a bit…

Anyway, to each their own I guess. Things change…

Are you looking at recruiting for your office? Have you put things on hold now until the New Year or are you still going at it, regardless?

Would love to hear from you. Any time. (Ok, maybe after Sunday… I’ve got a date with two little elves and a turkey.)

Tell me your plans?

Danielle x





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