Do you put your Interests on your CV?

And if you do – what are they?

Really keen to hear from you on this one as a CV I had in recently got me thinking. It was actually a really good CV, nicely written and I had got a good feeling about the candidate I was reading about. I knew it was someone I was going to enjoy working with.

When I got down to the ‘Interests’ section and they’d included ‘Christmas’ as an interest, however, I got a bit confused.

DO NOT GET ME WRONG AT THIS POINT – I’m a massive fan of Christmas.

But, whaaaat?

It really got me thinking about the kind of thing that people were including in this section of their CV, or whether they had one at all? I wrote a section about this in my eBook ‘How to Write a Killer CV’ (you can get it here if you’re keen to); about whether you should even have one. I have spoken to several of my Recruiting clients about this and we seem to be in agreement with this: Unless your interests are in some way aligned with:

a) your career to this point
b) your future career aspirations, or
c) something that could be seen as a ‘professional ice-breaker’

then, leave it out…

I see so many people having an Interests section on their CV that when I question them further on it they go all pale and stuttery, like I’m just about to ask them for a tennis match or to do a lap-for-lap in the local pool. It’s fine, don’t worry, I know you don’t like Tennis or Swimming any more than I do.

So tell me – What do you have on your ‘Interests’ section? Do you even have one?

If you feel that you have other areas of expertise that don’t fit seamlessly into your career path to date, yet are CV-worthy, (a certain software you’re a ‘super-user’ of, languages you speak, a professional membership, etc.) then you could always think about including an ‘ADDITIONAL INFORMATION’ section at the end of your CV, as a final summary of your greatness…?

Always keen to help with things like this so if you need a hand then please do get in touch with me.

Until then –

Danielle x




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