“But it was written by a Professional…”

Are we friends on Facebook? If so, you’ll have seen my post yesterday about me reaching out to someone that had posted on one of the many ‘Looking for work in >insert area here<‘ Pages. The conversation went something like this:

Disheartened Jobseeker: “Why is it so hard to find work? I have put my CV in to over 40 companies just this week and no one is taking any notice? I have so much experience, I can work flexible hours – What am I doing wrong?!”

I really felt for them. It can be so draining when you are putting your heart and soul into looking for work. It’s a full time job in itself. We’ve all been there and it sucks, big time.

So, I get involved: Hey ‘Disheartened Jobseeker’. I’m sorry to hear you’re having a rough time. We are not in the same area and so the jobs I get through to my agency here in Cambridgeshire are unlikely to be of interest to you. HOWEVER, I really want to help you. There could be something really simple that you could improve on your CV. There must be something, as if you’ve gone for that many jobs then you really should be getting looked at. Send it over to me, I’ll take a look at it and see if I can give you some pointers on how to improve it. No catch, no charge, just want to help.”

Feel pleased with myself for offering to help. Wonder if anyone else in the group might take up my offer. That would be nice, I’m up for helping… Check inbox. Nothing. OK, fair enough. Maybe in a bit.

*PING*: Facebook notification. Disheartened Jobseeker has responded.

“Thanks, but my CV was done by a professional, I don’t need your help.”

Me: >insert straight-faced, bemused emoticon here<

I don’t tend to get shocked by things too much having spent this many years working in Recruitment, but this got me thinking. Wow, really?

I mean, part of me gets this; if you’d parted with a sum of money, large or otherwise, to get someone – a ‘professional’ no less – to work on something so important as your CV (the written version of YOU), then you don’t really want to pass this on to another ‘professional’ time and time again.

But surely you have to evaluate whether the work that the ‘professional’ has done for you is actually working. And in this case, it kind of really really wasn’t.

I’m not big on paying to get your CV written for you. Having said that, I spent time recently doing just that for someone that was struggling to find work for various reasons, certainly not through lack of trying. However, I  only agreed to do this on the basis that I had spent time with the candidate beforehand, mapping out their experience to the present date, getting an understanding for who they were and where they wanted to go with their career. The CV turned out well – it also was true to them.

You will find people out there ready to whip the cash out of your hand and promise you the world with their CV Writing service. And some of them might deliver the goods, I’m not disputing this.

My argument is; how can you write a CV for someone, a written version of that person, if you haven’t spent time getting to know them; how thorough can it / should it be?

And at what point do you say “Do you know what? This isn’t working.” For whatever reason. Maybe it’s just not quite ‘you’ and the reader isn’t feeling the connection or the relevance. Maybe, it’s just a bit crap.

But it’s written by a PROFESSIONAL! It’s 26 pages long!

That doesn’t mean it’s not crap. It’s hardly bringing home the bacon for you is it?

This experience yesterday only jarred me off momentarily. It has actually given me food for thought so I am now grateful to Disheartened Jobseeker and wish them all the best.

I’m going to carry on reaching out to help people wherever I can. Not everyone will take me up on it and that’s cool. But for those that do, they’ll be glad they did. And I’m not saying that in an arrogant way – just in a ‘I won’t be happy until they ARE glad they did’ kind of way.

Hmmph. ‘A Professional.’ Professional WHAT?!

Ok, maybe I’m still a bit jarred off. Another coffee maybe.

Have a great day one and all.







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