Online Job Boards & Espadrilles

If you are signed up to the likes of Reed, Indeed, Monster, etc. then PLEASE make sure that every time anything changes in your ‘Jobseeking Life’ that you update your online profile accordingly.

You might have taken on a new temporary assignment, taken on extra responsibilities in the role you’re already in, OR perhaps you’ve changed your contact details… UPDATE EVERYTHING!

This tip has been brought about by a candidate that I registered this morning over at HotSeat Recruitment; this lovely lady couldn’t have been more focused on what she wanted to do going forward, she delivered her transferrable skills to me impeccably and was confident in her own abilities.

In person.

Her CV, however, showed that she hadn’t worked since 2004. This was the version that she used to apply for one of my jobs via the Reed website. Now, I always go back to the applicants that have taken the time and effort to apply for my vacancies, but not everybody does. This lady was left frustrated and completely confused as to why no one was paying her any attention. She had been applying for vacancies left, right and centre; jobs that she knew she could do. But jobs that, according to this out of date CV she had been using, were completely unsuitable…

Jobseeking can be a right royal pain in the ‘you know what’ at the best of times, let’s face it. But, as a wise man once said:

If you’re gonna do it, do it right.

(Actually, thinking about it, this same man actually spent the best part of a decade also wearing double denim and espadrilles, but you get my point… )

Over and out for now!


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