Recruiting on a Budget?

It goes without saying that if you’re looking to recruit staff for your company, it can be a costly project – especially if you get it wrong.

Obviously, my first piece of advice would always be to outsource said project to a good Recruitment Consultancy that can take the stress and risk out of the process… ( #cheekyplug

But what if you’re keen to explore your options before handing your staffing requirements over to the experts? Here’s a few tricks you can try out yourself – you never know, they could pull in your ideal candidate…

  • You use email, right? So you have an email signature. Make good use of this and let everyone know you’re recruiting.
  • Make sure there is a ‘Careers’ or ‘Work for Us’ section on your website. Even when you’re not on the lookout, it’s useful to have a statement here about how you’re always keen to hear from new talent within your industry, etc. You can then link to this in your email signature, as and when you’re on the lookout. (Be sure to remove vacancies once they are filled/closed.)
  • Use Social Media – It’s free! Be creative with your Facebook, Twitter, Linked in and Instagram. Don’t just copy and paste your job description into a post – Use case studies of current employees, interview them on what it’s like to work at your company – maybe even a short video of your offices so people get a real feel for the environment.
  • Employee advocacy – Include your team in the Recruitment process. Ask them to share your efforts on social media as well as giving them free reign to be creative themselves to attract potential applicants from within their network. (I say free reign, you’ll know best how to manage this!)

Remember that Recruiting through an Agency doesn’t HAVE to cost the earth. If you’ve exhausted your own efforts and you need to get the project handled quickly and efficiently then handing the job over (literally) can sometimes be the best option. The right agency will listen to your needs, understand your financial limitations and will work WITH you to provide a suitable payment plan that suits your budgets.

I hope this will help any of you that are looking for staff at the moment, you know where I am if you need any extra pointers.


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